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February 18, 2021

Guest-House in Gurgaon

A guest house is an accommodation that can be considered for a couple of days. They have been around for quite a long period of time and have been used by people looking for a night’s rest while moving from one place to the other. A nice guest house may offer amenities that are on par with some of the budget hotels in the area. For short trips guests prefer staying in guest house accommodations as opposed to home stays and hotels. Guest houses in Gurgaon have a wide base of patrons that might include corporates, businesspersons, backpackers as well as first-time visitors due to their cost-effective services. Good guest houses offer guests the quality offered at a fraction of the cost charged by hotels.

An awesome benefit of staying at a guest house is that the service is often more personalized and focused than in a hotel. With fewer guests normally staying at a guest house, it often means the level of service received by guests will be more attentive and caring.

One of the top rated guest houses in Gurgaon is The Perch. It continues to be one of the best luxury service apartments in Gurgaon. It has amenities like gym, restaurant & bath tubs, it is located near a green belt and offers serene views to guests. Their one-bedroom and two-bedroom suites are great for small groups, guests with children and extended families looking for a managed living experience. 

The Perch Serviced Apartments are fully networked and catered. Additionally, they have an in house Gym, TT table, Mini-Library and a roof top restaurant for our guests. The rooftop multi cuisine restaurant is ideal for group dinners and other occasions.

When you go on a holiday, you are usually expected to shell out a lot of money. Of course, you need to spend some cash for transportation, food, lodging, itinerary, and many more. With all the expense areas that you have to deal with, you might deplete your funds along the way especially if you do not have a plenty of savings. That is why, as much as possible, you need to find cheaper alternatives to more costly travel options. For example, instead of riding an aeroplane, you can choose to cross cities through the railway. Or in lieu of staying in a resort, you can opt to book with a guest house. By choosing such an accommodation, you will be able to enjoy plenty of benefits and these are:

  1. More Savings. Clearly, this option can be way more affordable than hotels. Imagine, you do not have to pay extra to get a beautiful room with a comfortable bed. You will be able to take advantage of the facilities that expensive lodging establishments are also offering. If you need hair dryers, flat irons, or any other necessary items, you will be served accordingly. Since the hostel typically runs a restaurant, you will be able to indulge in delicious meals any time of the day.
  2. Cosy Ambience. In highly commercialised temporary housing units, the homey atmosphere is no longer that apparent. Although you are provided with an immaculate room and a soft bed, you will not instantly feel the pleasant and inviting touch that your dwelling offers. When you stay in a guest house, however, you will experience the personalised, welcoming mood that you have always wanted. The operator can immediately attend to your needs because the structure is small and there are only a few patrons staying in.
  3. Proximity to Important Establishments. This accommodation type is usually located in city centres, allowing you to have easy access to tourist attractions, restaurants, transportation stations, and the like. You will not have to spend extra just to get to these places because you can always choose to walk around.
  4. Lower Costs
  • Usually, a guest house is cheaper to rent than a room at a resort. Hotel suites can be expensive. A guest house can give you all of the same amenities for a lower price. The cost effectiveness gives you more room to spend your money how you want to. Also, it doesn’t stop you from taking advantage of all of the things you may have gotten out of a hotel. You still have a great space, a comfortable sleeping arrangement and restaurants that you can visit.
  1. Familiarity
  • Even if you’re trying to escape your home life, there is something comfortable about being at home. Whether it’s the smell or the atmosphere, it can help to bring a little bit of home with you when you’re away. Guest houses in Kenya can help give you that cozy feeling. You also get all of the hospitality and warmth that you would get in a home. In a new place, even if you’re having fun as a tourist, it can be nice to have that bit of familiarity.
  1. Convenience
  • At a guest house, you have all of the amenities that you would at home. This is incredibly convenient for most families or even if you’re travelling on your own. In addition, guest houses in Kenya tend to be close to all of the best tourist locations. You won’t have to travel far or worry about expensive travel fees. Everything is close and convenient.
  • With all of the different kinds of accommodations available, it can be difficult to find the right one for you. It’s best not to jump at a regular hotel suite, however. Many of them cost more money for some of the same amenities that a guest house offers. Your trip should be all about being comfortable and relaxed. Sometimes this means having an environment that is familiar without all of the stress from work or other obligations at home.

Benefits of choosing a guesthouse over a hotel

  • Less expensive
  • Faster check in and check outs
  • Privacy
  • Personalized service
  • Home away from home

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